Parks & Rec Illustrations Master List
traeger3000 holiday

Into the Great Unknown

Character Portraits

Parks in Space

Knope 2012 poster

Happiness Bath Happiness Bath v2

Holiday Banner for leslie_ben community

Every Hero Needs a Sidekick

Pajama Party

Illustrations for Fic

The Community Center Course Catalog with saucydiva

Go Big, Go Home (final ch 7) by princess_george

Go Big, Go Home (ch 6b) by [info]princess_george

Go Big, Go Home (ch 6a) by [info]princess_george

An Uptight, Rigid Sense of Fun (Photoshop) with stillscape

Go Big, Go Home (ch 5) by princess_george

Go Big, Go Home (ch 4) by princess_george

It Feels Like Christmas by stillscape (illustration index)

Who More Engilds the Night  by saucydiva

Dear Friend, (final part) by stillscape

Parallel Lines, Touching by saucydiva

I'm not much of a writer myself, but I do like surrounding myself with them.  Get in touch if you'd like to collaborate!

Handwritten Postcard Fic from saucydiva!
traeger3000 holiday

The ever-delightful saucydiva sent me this adorable and super pandering fic, handwritten on a postcard while on her trip to Europe.  After travelling around the world it was delivered to the slot in my garage that always looks like a mail slot to the weekend mail carrier.  It aged there in the garage for a few weeks until I was having a particularly crappy day, and then I discoved it!

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Dear friends, sorry for spamming you with the incessant polling.
traeger 3000
I didn't realize what a nightmare this whole series of polls would become.

Poll #1844070 Cage Match- FINAL ROUND!

Donna vs Li'l Sebastian

Li'l Sebastian

traeger 3000
Or not, you weirdos.
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IGNORE THIS POST... just pulling some ninja stuff to make this poll work in the other post
traeger 3000

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Happy Birthday, Bri!
traeger 3000

I got you a Jim Halpert GIF PARTY.

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My entry for the Knope 2012 poster contest
traeger 3000
OF COURSE I entered.  Of course.

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Happy Holidays, dear friends.
traeger 3000
You are all delightful human beings, and it has been an honor to spend time with you discussing the world's most pressing and important issues.  And squee-ing.

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in which I introduce saucydiva to the concept of victorian fairy orgies
traeger 3000
DVD Extra: Art Edition for Who More Engilds the Night by saucydiva.  Read her DVD Extra: Text Edition here.

When saucydiva first presented me with this idea, I had an immediate vision of what I wanted to do, and just about died of excitement.  Whether I lived up to that vision is another story, but there was no avoiding referencing THE GOLDEN AGE OF FAIRY PAINTINGS.
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